How to book a FlyClear™ Rapid Antigen Screening appointment

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This article is intended for all end users who are looking to book a rapid antigen screening appointment for travel purposes on the Thrive Health platform.


FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® is offering Rapid Antigen Screening services for individuals travelling to destinations that now accept a negative Rapid Antigen result.

Thrive Health is a secure platform where travellers can create an account to book an appointment and receive their test results securely. Please follow these steps to create an account with Thrive, register it with FlyClearand book your appointment for testing:

Create your account

1. Visit

2. Click on Sign up to create an account

3. Enter your e-mail address

4. Create and confirm password, and click Create Account

5. Select your language of preference.

Verify your account

1. Go to your e-mail inbox

2. You should see the email from Thrive Health. Click on it to open the email message

3. Click on Verify Email Address

4. You will see a green checkmark indicating your account is verified and you can now continue registering.

Register your account

1. Visit, and enter your email and password

2. Click Get started on Thrive Health with a registration code

3. Enter the registration code as per your test location:

  • ON (30 Intl Blvd): FlyClear-antigen
  • BC (Russ Baker Way): FlyClear1-AntigenBC

4. Set up your profile by clicking Myself

5. Confirm you want to be a part of the organization by clicking Confirm

6. Enter in the following required fields, as indicated on travel documents:

  • Given Name
  • Last Name
  • DOB
  • Sex

7. Click Finish Registration

NoteIf you are unable to register on Thrive portal, please contact LifeLabs® customer support for more information. (Monday to Sunday 24/7)

ON helpline: 1-877-404-0637

BC helpline: 1-877-313-4982

8. Click on Book your Appointment and book your sample collection appointment within the appropriate testing time period, according to your destination country’s requirements.

Note: Appointments are scheduled externally through LifeLabs®. You should receive a confirmation email from LifeLabs® once the appointment has been successfully scheduled. 

9. You can record your scheduled appointment within your Thrive account for your personal reference by selecting the Optional: Record appointment details button.

Note: If you did not record the appointment details within your Thrive account, the appointment will not appear in your account's Appointment Centre.

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