Managing COVID-19 Rapid Screening Workflow

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This article is intended for Organization Administrators who are managing the rapid testing program for their organization on the Thrive Health platform.


Are users blocked from using the system after submitting a positive rapid screening result? 

Scheduled Rapid Screening Appointments

Yes, the default settings for your organization will block users from scheduling a subsequent rapid screening testing appointment if they receive a presumptive positive. The scheduling block will be removed after 14 days pass, or a negative PCR test result has been entered by the user. 

To update this setting, please see the following section. 


Entering Self-Administered Test Results

No, users who submit a positive self-administered test result will be able to continue to report self-administered test results without being blocked from using the system. 


How do I turn off the scheduling block after a positive rapid test has been reported? 

If your organization wishes to allow individuals with a presumptive positive result to book follow-up rapid screening appointments, please follow the steps below: 

1. Log in to your account on, and select your name in the top right corner of your homepage. Go to Organization Settings.

2. Select System Configuration, and then go to the COVID-19 Testing tab.

3. Under COVID-19 rapid screening workflow, shown in the screenshot below, select Yes and ensure to Save.


Selecting "Yes" removes these requirements so users can schedule an appointment at any time and will not be required to enter a negative PCR test following a presumptive positive. 

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