How to add and remove test types - Organization Administrators

As an Organization Administrator, you have the ability to add (Workflow #1) and remove (Workflow #2) test types.

This alters the test type options that can be selected when a result is uploaded, either by an end user or a Rapid Screening Coordinator/Organization Administrator.

To add or remove a test type, please follow the preliminary steps below:

1. Log in to your account on, and navigate to the top right corner of your homepage. Select your name, and then select Organization Settings.


2. Next, click System Configuration on the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.


3. Then, go to the COVID-19 Testing tab.


Workflow #1: Adding a test type

In the COVID-19 Testing tab, navigate to the + Add Collection Type option outlined in the screenshot below.


Select the test type that you would like to add, and click Add Collection Type.


Note: for example, if you would like to add the Nasal: Quidel QuickVue test as an option, select the specimen description (Nasal) and the test type (Quidel QuickVue) from the list.

Workflow #2: Removing a test type

To disable a test type, select the eye icon on the right hand side of the COVID-19 Testing tab, as shown in the screenshot below. 


Note: Once disabled, the test type will be greyed out. To restore a disabled test type, simply reselect the eye icon.

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