How to Join a School with a Registration Code

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This article is intended for end users who are associated with a school on the Thrive Health platform.


As a Parent, follow these steps to connect your own and your child's account to their school on the Thrive platform. 

 1. As the Parent, go to and Sign up for an account with your personal email.


2. Confirm your email address, and then click on the Get started on Thrive Health with a registration code task on your homepage. Screen_Shot_2021-08-27_at_12.50.03_PM.png

3. Enter the Registration code provided to you by your school, and click Confirm. 

NoteThrive Health does not provide Registration codes. If you need a code, please reach out to your Organization Administrator.


4. On the next screen, choose + Create a new profile. 


5. Confirm that you wish to connect this account with your school. Agree to the Privacy Notice and Consent.

6. Enter your child's information in the following screen, and select Submit.

7. Confirm your relationship with the child, and select Next.

Note: if you realize that you filled out this section incorrectly (ex. the relationship between you and your child is not correct), please note that it will not affect your account's reporting. Your account will still function normally. 


7. You will be taken to a screen to enter your own information. Once complete, select Submit.

8. On the next screen, you can either add another child (Register another profile) or Finish registration.


9. Once confirmed, your homepage will look like the following: Screen_Shot_2021-08-27_at_1.01.00_PM.png

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