Onboarding Students and Parents

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This article is intended for Organization Administrators who are associated with a school on the Thrive Health platform.


As the Organization Administrator, there are two methods to sign up and connect Student accounts to your school on the Thrive Health platform. You can either use Self-Registration (Workflow #1) or Bulk Import (Workflow #2). 

Before choosing a method, please consider the following:

1. Using Unique Patient Keys for Family Profiles

Section 6.3.2 of your Onboarding Package discusses the use of setting a unique patient key before adding your users. When using family profiles you cannot use email as the unique patient Key as multiple family members would be using the same email address. 

In this case, you have two options:

  1. Do not select any Unique Patient Key. This means you may have the potential of duplicate user records within your system.
  2. Set the Unique Patient Key to Employee ID if you have a student or employee ID available for faculty and students. 

2. Managing Multiple Household Families

In the event you have students part of multiple households, you can recommend parents to either:

1) share a profile between households to manage the student’s profile

or 2) each parent creates their own family profile and manages a secondary profile for that student. 

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have the ability to sync a single child profile across multiple families so it will result in a duplicate record of that child. 


Workflow #1: Self-Registration

The Self-Registration workflow will show the list of individuals invited to join the platform only after users have created an account and entered a registration code to connect their profile with the school. 

The Organization Administrator will first provide a Registration Code via email to users. Parents will create a Thrive Health account at my.thrive.health and use the Registration Code to associate their new profile with the school and to add their child to their profile.

To provide a Registration Code, please follow the steps below:

1. Select your name in the top right corner of your homepage on app.thrive.health and go to Organization Settings

2. Click Registration Codes. Copy the relevant code by clicking on the Copy icon next to the pencil, and send it to the relevant users. 

Note: Creating Registration Codes are covered in section 6.2 in your Onboarding Package.

3. Share the Registration Code with users you would like to register with your organization. 

This invitation method works well if you have consistent methods in place for communication with your students and their parents. It is less administrative work for the Organization Administrator as they don’t have to spend additional time preparing and maintaining files for import and registration can be parent-directed. 

The challenges with this method are that you do not have a way to easily track who has not yet registered with the platform without searching for them in your users. You also have the risk of people registering with your organization that you may not have wanted to.

For instructions to help parents register with this workflow, check out this article: How to Join a School with an Invitation Email


Workflow #2: Bulk Import 

The Bulk Import workflow will allow the Organization Administrator to see a list of all the individuals who were invited to the platform right away.

The bulk import method uses a CSV file to upload all Students onto the platform in one step. This requires you to invite each student individually but with the parent’s email address. This is the best method to ensure the student is associated with the organization but the profile is managed by the parent. 

Before bulk importing, make sure to determine whether you will be setting the Unique Patient Key to employee ID or selecting nothing. 

1. Select your name in the top right corner of your homepage on app.thrive.health and go to Organization Settings.
2. Navigate to the left side panel, and click on Individuals. Select the Bulk Import button at the top right.

 3. You will see an option to download the template on this screen.


To have a successful bulk import, please:

  • Ensure that the ID verification field is set to the preferred data (Date of Birth or phone number)
  • Delete birthdate column if using a phone number for identity verification
  • Note that the Registration Code column in the CSV file is case-sensitive
  • Note that if you are using multiple Registration Codes, they should be comma-separated in registrationCode column

Thrive Health suggests populating the bulk import file by extracting data from your organization’s administrative information system and copying required fields to the CSV file. Once you have successfully downloaded the template, fill in the necessary information, and bulk imported all Students, they will receive an email invitation to join the platform.

For instructions to help parents register with this workflow, check out this article: How to Join a School with a Registration Code

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