Self-Administered Rapid Screening Test Results

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This article is intended for Administrators who are associated with their place of work on the Thrive Health platform.


As an Administrator, you will be notified of any positive rapid screening test results within your Organization, and you can review each user's submission of their test.

How you will be notified of a positive result

When logging in to your account at, you will get the following notification on the top right corner of your home page, showing the number of positive test results that have been reported since you last looked on this page.


If needed, to identify the user(s) who tested positive, you can filter your worklist by clicking on the Test results dropdown menu and selecting Positive tests. The dashboard will show all individuals whose latest test was positive.


How to review user submissions

When the user profile that tested positive has been located, click on the User icon, located to the far right of the row.


Scroll down to COVID-19 test results to view a Positive or Negative result.

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