Can the requirement of a green Self-Assessment to book a Rapid Screening appointment be removed?

When users report a Red status on their Self-Assessment, they are automatically not allowed to book a Rapid Screening Testing appointment. Your organization may no longer require the block on scheduling a Rapid Screening Testing appointment without a green status.

As an Organization Administrator, you have the option to turn off the requirement for a Green declaration from the self-assessment. This way, even if the user's answers are not all 'No' on the Self-Assessment, they will still be able to book a Rapid Screening appointment. 
Note: before turning this off, please have a separate process and protocol in place to ensure
that only asymptomatic individuals are using the rapid screens.

To turn off the block, please follow these steps:

1. Click on your name in the top right corner of your homepage on Go to Organization Settings, and then System Configuration.

2. You will see an option called Appointment Config. Select Yes to override the block on booking an appointment.

Note: This change will affect the entire organization, not only the vaccinated employees. If your organization is looking to unblock the questionnaire only for vaccinated employees, please contact for a sales conversation about a custom questionnaire. Please note, a customer questionnaire is a paid add-on feature.


3. Users will now be able to book an appointment regardless of their Green or Red status from the Self-Assessment.

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