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This article is intended for Medical Office Assistants who are associated with a doctor's office on the Thrive Health platform.


The Thrive Health platform allows Medical Office Assistants (MOAs) to send supplementary educational materials to the patient so that they can log in to their account and view the educational materials digitally.

You can send Educational Materials to patients by using either one of the two workflows (depending on if the invite has been sent to the patient or not)

Uploading Educational Materials

1. Log into your account at and go to Organization Settings > Educational Materials


2. Click on the blue Upload button in the top right-hand corner


3. Choose a document from your computer and add a name for it


4. Click on the blue upload button in the pop-up box

5. Your document is ready to be sent


Workflow #1: Sending Educational Materials in a new invite

1. To send an Educational Material, click the blue Send Invite button from your worklist

2. Select the appropriate questionnaire(s) from the Send Invite drop-down menu

3. You will have the option to choose from uploaded Educational Materials


4. Click on the blue Send button to send an email invitation for the patient to sign up for the Thrive Health platform


Workflow #2: Sending Educational Materials when a patient has already been invited to the platform

1. Log into your account at

2. Click on the 3 dots in the patient row on the worklist and click on +Add a Task

3. You will see the option to choose from uploaded Educational Materials


4. Select the desired Educational Material to send to the patient

5. Click on the blue Send button to send an email to the patient to remind them to view the new materials

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