Questionnaire Progress Markers

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This article aims to provide assistance to administrators of the Thrive Health platform

As medical office staff, you can view your patient’s progress as they complete their assigned tasks and questionnaires on your worklist on This progress is represented by the Questionnaire Status buttons. See the following for a description of what they mean:

  • Invited: Your patient has been sent an invite, but they have not accepted it yet. You can nudge them to get started by manually sending a reminder email.
  • Verified: Your patient has verified their identity but has not begun creating their personal profile.
  • In progress: Your patient has started creating their personal profile.
  • Completed: Your patient has completed and submitted their questionnaire. You will now be able to download a PDF summary.

Questionnaire Percentage

If a patient’s status reads as In Progress but there is no percentage visible, this means that they are still filling out the Personal Profile section of the questionnaire. 

Once they start filling out their assigned tasks, a percentage will be visible, indicating their progress on the questionnaire.

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