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This article is intended for Medical Office Assistants (MOAs) who are associated with a doctor's office on the Thrive Health platform.

Click on the Organization Settings tab to access different functions related to your clinic set-up. After logging in to your account at, click your name in the top right corner of the home page to access the drop-down menu. Select Organization Settings.


Administrators Tab

On the top right of the Administrators screen, click on the blue Add Administrator button to invite additional staff members to access the platform. You will choose a role for the new administrator (based on how your clinic is set up on the Thrive Health platform).


Educational Materials Tab

Please visit this article for detailed information on how to upload and send Educational Materials


Registration Codes Tab

Registration Codes are one way to invite patients to the Thrive Health platform and assign them
questionnaires/careplans. They can be used as an alternative to the Send Invite workflow. To create a registration code, click Organization Settings → Registration Codes and select the blue Create Registration Code button. You will need to set a Prefix before creating your first Registration Code.

You will also attach a Plan to the registration code. You can choose from any of the careplans used by your clinic. This step will determine the questionnaire shown to the patient when you provide them with this registration code.


Resource Libraries Tab

You can add materials that will be sent to the patient along with the questionnaire, such as Recovery Support after Surgery, etc.

Integrations Tab

Thrive Health can be integrated with the EMR used by your clinic. Any EMR integrations will be added under this tab. Integration is a Custom Feature.

Surveys Tab

Thrive Health can create surveys to be sent to patients after their appointments, such as rating their surgery experience and the care provided during their visit etc. Surveys are a Custom Feature.

Questionnaire Results Tab

Thrive can also aggregate the data collected on patient questionnaires and chart it to observe trends across the clinic and view how many patients have answered a particular question. Questionnaire Results is a Beta Feature.

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