Submitting a Questionnaire

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This article is intended for users who are associated with a doctor's office on the Thrive Health platform.

To ensure that you submit your questionnaire correctly, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Your questionnaire says "100% Complete" in the progress bar at the top
  2. All tabs of the questionnaire menu on the left have a checkmark, indicating their completion
  3. You have selected the blue Submit button (not the Save and Close button)

When you are filling out a questionnaire, you will notice a red dot next to the tab with unanswered questions in the left-hand menu. This red dot indicates that there are still some incomplete questions in that particular section. The Submit button will not appear until all the sections are completed.

When you see a checkmark next to every section in the left-hand menu and a blue Submit button appears in the bottom right corner, it means you have answered all the questions. The questionnaire is now ready to be sent to your doctor's office. All you need to do is click on the Submit button and review your answers before submitting.

Once your questionnaire is successfully submitted, you will be redirected to the home page, where you will be shown any more tasks that require completion.

Note 1: If all assigned tasks have not been completed and submitted, you will continue to receive reminders. Refer to this article to learn more about reminder emails.

Note 2: If you've already submitted the questionnaire and want to modify your answers, you can refer to this article for guidance.

If you have any concerns regarding what is asked in the questionnaire, please reach out to your doctor's office directly. Their phone number can be found in your Thrive Health invite and reminder emails.

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