Where do I get a registration code?

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This article is intended for end users and patients who are associated with a place of work, school, or doctor's office on the Thrive Health platform. 


Registration Codes are used for individuals to register with the Thrive Health Platform.

If you are required to register with the platform with a registration code, you will be provided one directly from the referring organization or doctor's office. Thrive Health does not provide registration codes to individuals.

If you are an Administrator, a registration code is not required. You will receive an email invitation directly from Thrive Health once your access is granted to the system.


Where do I get a registration code?

Registration codes are provided to you directly by your affiliated organization. If your organization (school, doctor's office, employer etc.) has instructed you to join Thrive Health with a registration code, they will provide it to you with instructions on how to register. Please refer back to the documentation provided to you by your organization.

Please note that Thrive Health cannot provide you with a registration code. It must be provided to you directly from the referring organization.


Is a registration code always required?

No, a registration code is only required if issued from your organization. If you have received an email invitation from your affiliated organization, you will not be required to enter a registration code. Please refer to workflow #1 in this article: How to Join Thrive Health.


I am an Administrator, do I need a registration code?

No. Administrators do not join the platform with registration codes. If you are the first Organization Administrator, you will receive an invitation from contact@thrive.health to log into your organization once it has been created on our platform. You will receive access to the platform within 1-2 business days following the signing of the software license agreement. 


I have a registration code, how do I register?

If you have been provided with a registration code from your organization, please refer to Workflow #2 in this article: How to Join Thrive Health.

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