How to Bulk Import Users

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This article is intended for Organization Administrators who are associated with a place of work or school on the Thrive Health platform.


Some Organizations may find it useful to upload large amounts of users via Bulk Import instead of adding them individually. However, before doing so, please ensure the following has been confirmed:

  1. Groups are active
  2. Testing Locations are set (name should include address, and be easily understood by users)
  3. Groups and Locations are assigned to Schedules

Step 1: Identity verification field

Select your name in the top right corner of the home page at, then go to Organization Settings, then System Configuration. You will be in the Organization tab. Here,  you may choose to verify your users by either their Date of Birth or phone number.


Note: Email cannot be an option for this step, as Identity Verification needs to be different from how individuals receive the invitation to join the platform, to make the account secure. For example, in the event someone was emailed an invitation, they would put the same email address that it was sent to in the Identity Verification field and then gain access.

Step 2: Unique Patient Key Field

While in the Organization tab of System Configuration, select one of email, Employee ID, or phone number to identify individual users and prevent duplicate records from being uploaded in the bulk import. Since individuals are required to have an email address to log in, it is recommended that you choose email.


Step 3: Download the CSV template

The CSV template must be downloaded from the Thrive Health Workplace platform. An Organization Administrator can download it by going to Organization Settings, selecting the Individuals tab, and clicking the Bulk Import button at the top right. You will see an option to download template on the following screen.


Step 4: Preparing for bulk import

Thrive Health suggests populating the bulk import file by extracting data from your organization’s HR information system and copying required fields to the CSV file. Please note:

  1. The CSV file is currently only available with English headings. Thrive is working on a file with French headings in due course.
  2. If your organization is using phone numbers for identity verification, please delete column D ‘birthDate’ from your CSV upload file.
  3. If you are assigning multiple Registration Codes to Individuals, each Registration Code must be comma-separated in the registrationCode column.

How to have a successful bulk import

  • Ensure that the ID verification field is set to the preferred data (Date of Birth or phone number)
  • Delete birthdate column if using phone number for identity verification
  • Note that the Registration Code column in CSV file is case-sensitive
  • If you are using multiple Registration Codes, they should be comma-separated in registrationCode column
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