How to merge accounts - End Users

The steps to merge your current and previous accounts and information depends on whether your invitation to join Thrive Health was sent by an Organization (Workflow #1) or a Doctor's Office (Workflow #2).

Workflow #1: User is associated with an Organization

To merge a previous account with a new account, first accept the new email invitation to join your organization. Either click the blue Get Started button or follow the provided link.


Follow all the prompts to confirm your new information. You will then be asked to choose which account you want to use with your new organization. To merge your new account with your previous one, select the My profile option outlined below.


You will be asked to approve the account merge. Select Confirm.


After this, you will have the option to edit or update any personal information. Once you select Submit, you will be taken to the homepage of your newly merged account. 

Workflow #2: User is associated with a Doctor's Office

To merge your previous accounts and information on the Thrive platform, first follow the link in your new email invite. When you see the following screen, select the Login link (after Already have an account?) instead of Sign Up.


Log in using your Thrive credentials. The following screen will pop up, asking if you want to connect a profile that uses the same email and password.


Select the other profile (ensure it is the same name and birth date), and select confirm to merge your profiles.


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