How to enter Rapid Screening test results retroactively

A Rapid Screening Coordinator can enter rapid screening test results retroactively by following these steps:

1. Log into with your username and password that you previously created

2. Search for the necessary individual in the search bar on the dashboard, and click on the individual icon on the right side of the page.


3. Click Add test result


4. Enter the date and time the test was performed (Screen date, Screen start time, Screen end time). This shows that you are entering rapid screening test results retroactively.


Note: Test results can only be entered by Rapid Screening Coordinators, but once they enter a result they will not be able to see it anymore. Instead, tests results can only be viewed by Organization Coordinators and Organization Administrators.

5. Click on the blue Review Summary button and after reviewing click Submit

6. The test result is now added to the platform

For more information on conducting a Rapid Screening appointment, please refer to this article: Conducting Rapid Screening Appointments.


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