Administrator Roles & Permissions

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This article is intended for all Administrators who are associated with a place of work or school on the Thrive Health platform.


See below for a list of all administrative roles available on the Thrive platform. For instructions on how to add one or more of these roles to an administrative profile, please refer to this article: Adding Multiple Roles to a Thrive Profile.

Organization Administrator

These users own all tasks around the setup and configuration of your organization in the Thrive Health platform. Their tasks include adding individuals and other administrators, defining groups, locations, schedules, managing notifications, and system settings, and completing data reporting. This role has full privileges to access all personal information (PI) and Personal Health Information (PHI) on the platform for the entire organization. In addition, the Organization Administrator has all of the permissions and capabilities listed for the Organization Coordinator, Rapid Screening Coordinator, and Setup Administrator.

Organization Coordinator

These users are able to view your organization dashboard, add and edit individuals and groups, schedule appointments, as well as view and add test results. These users are not able to edit any system configurations, add additional Administrators, or export data from the dashboard. The Organization Coordinator also has full privileges to access all PI and PHI on the platform for the entire organization.  

Rapid Screening Coordinator

These users are typically found at the point-of-care testing location. They manage testing appointments and record rapid test results for each individual receiving testing. Once a test result is recorded to an individual profile, it is no longer visible to the Rapid Screening Coordinator. 

Vaccine Coordinator

These users keep track of the vaccination status of all individuals in the organization. Their permissions are limited to viewing an individual's profile, as well as their vaccination form and status.

Setup Administrator

These users can support the setup of the organization in the system, such as adding individuals and other administrators, defining groups/locations/schedules, and managing notification and system settings with the same settings permissions as the Organization Administrator. However, these users do not have access to view self-assessments or test results, add test results, export data, or view or edit individual appointments. 

Manager Permissions

Managers can be assigned to individuals in the system, enabling them to view test results or status updates for their direct reports. Managers are assigned by editing an individual’s pre-existing profile or via bulk import (CSV file).

Group Owner Permissions

These permissions allow you to limit which individuals additional administrators (e.g. Rapid Screening Coordinator, Organization Coordinator) can view. These permissions can be applied to all administrative roles except additional Organization Administrators. A Group Owner is able to access PI and PHI limited to only individuals within a specific group.  For example, if you assign an Organization Coordinator to the Marketing group, that Organization Coordinator can only view individuals in the Marketing group.


Organization Admin 

Organization Coordinator

Rapid Screening Coordinator 

Vaccine Coordinator

Setup Admin  

View individuals' demographic info and groups

View results (self-assessment, PCR tests, screening)

Add individuals (manually/bulk import)

Edit individual’s information and groups

Export data (bulk) 

Add or edit administrators

Create groups and registration codes

Change system configuration settings

Add in rapid screening result 

Add in PCR test results

Check-in individuals

View appointments

Edit appointments/mark no shows

Filter dashboard by appointments/checked in

Historical Reports

Create schedules & locations

View vaccination form & status

Restrict Permission: View people in their group (location)



configure using groups


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