Conducting Rapid Screening Appointments

As the Rapid Screening Coordinator, you can conduct rapid screening test appointments at your testing location with individuals who will either have a scheduled appointment (Workflow #1) or walk-in (Workflow #2).

Workflow #1: Scheduled appointment

Individuals who have booked a rapid screening appointment can present a QR code or a booking code to the Rapid Screening Coordinator upon arrival at their appointment. The Coordinator may either scan the Individual’s QR code with a camera-enabled device or type in their booking code (found directly below the QR code). After scanning or entering a code, the Individual’s profile will be found.


The following is an example of the process of checking in and administering a test to a scheduled individual:


In this view of the Rapid Screening Coordinator's home page on, Bonnie Smith is not yet checked in.

1. The Coordinator will click on the person icon to view Individual

2. On the next screen, the Coordinator will select Check in to start Bonnie’s appointment

3. The Coordinator will now scroll down to COVID-19 Test Results and select Add test results to get started. They will see the following screen:


  • Screen Date: The date the test is being administered
  • Screen Start Time: The clock time when the swabbed sample is applied to the rapid test device
  • Screen End Time: The clock time when the results are read from the rapid test device.  The interval between start and end time is defined by the test vendor and must be strictly followed 
  • Screen Type: Type of rapid testing device
  • Screen Results: Results of the test at the time of reporting
  • Screen Reporting Time: End time for completing the rapid testing appointment

Note: if a Rapid Screening test is accidentally submitted as a PCR test, it is not possible to delete the incorrect record. Instead, please enter the correct test result, as it is the latest result that matters in determining an individual's positive or negative status. For more information, please refer to this article: How to enter Rapid Screening test results retroactively.

Before submitting the results, the Rapid Screening Coordinator will select Review Summary and verify the details of their report are accurate. After submitting the result, the Coordinator will check the Individual out of their appointment, at which point the Coordinator will no longer have the ability to see the test results administered.

Workflow #2: Walk-in Individuals

A walk-in Individual may either be Registered or Unregistered.

  • Registered unscheduled Individuals are those who are already affiliated with the organization, but did not schedule an appointment before coming in for testing.
  • Unregistered unscheduled Individuals are those who have not yet been affiliated with the organization and do not have a scheduled appointment. 

a. Registered Unscheduled Individuals

The Rapid Screening Coordinator will search for the Individual by name in the search bar and then click View Individual.


Note: as these unregistered Individuals did not pre-schedule an appointment, the Rapid Screening Coordinator will have to obtain verbal consent from the individual to share their results with the CDL RSC Screening Pilot Program. 

The Coordinator will then need to click Schedule an Appointment, and select the Location and time slot they are working within. They will then submit by clicking Schedule.


After the appointment is scheduled, the Rapid Screening Coordinator will check in the individual as outlined in the previous section.

b. Unregistered unscheduled Individuals

To conduct a rapid screening appointment with an unregistered Individual, the Rapid Screening Coordinator must first invite the Individual to the organization.

1. The Coordinator will click on their own name on the top right corner of their dashboard on and select Organization Settings and then Individuals.

2. They will now see the list of Individuals affiliated with their organization. To add another Individual the Rapid Screening Coordinator will select the blue Add Individual button in the top right. 


3. They will enter the Individual's information, and ensure to select Yes to invite the Individual to the organization. 

4. After the Individual has been added, the Rapid Screening Coordinator will schedule (Workflow #2, a.) and test the individual as identified in the Scheduled Individuals section.

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