How to view team status

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This article is intended for Managers who are associated with a place of work or school on the Thrive Health platform.


To view the status of their team, managers can log in to with the same username and password used to log into as an individual. 

Note: If your organization has Single Sign On (SSO) enabled, the Managers will log in to their organization's SSO portal for Administrators with the same username and password they used to log into the SSO portal as an individual.

Once Managers log in to, they will have access to a dashboard that displays an overview of their team's results along with each individual’s latest COVID-19 Self-assessment results (Red status or Green Status) and COVID-19 test results (if applicable). 

Note: The screenshot below is just an example of the dashboard. It may look slightly different depending on the product you are using and its features.


If the Organization Administrator has set up alerts, Managers will receive an email alert for every new red status and positive COVID-19 test result, as shown in the email below:


Click on the blue View Details button in the contents of your email and you will be redirected directly into the Manager's dashboard on

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