How to join Thrive Health - Managers

A Manager is an individual who has been granted privileged access to the platform by the organization. 

Managers must initially join Thrive Health as individuals and create their own personal accounts. This allows them to access COVID-19 tools and resources, complete their own COVID-19 Self-Assessment, book or reschedule rapid screening appointments, and view their own test results. 

Managers can also monitor the statuses of their teams. They can see when team members receive a red alert status from their COVID-19 Self Assessment or a Positive COVID-19 test result. To learn how to view this information, please click How to view team status - Manager.  

Managers will receive either an email invitation (workflow #1) or a registration code (workflow #2) from their Organization Administrator to join Thrive Health.

Workflow #1: Email Invitation

To create an account as an individual:

  1. Click on the blue Get Started button in the contents of the email invite to create your user login
  2. You will be redirected to the platform
  3. Confirm your acceptance of sharing profile information
  4. Read and accept the Privacy Notice and Consent Form for your organization
  5. Create and confirm your profile
  6. You are now an individual who has registered with Thrive Health

Note: If you received an email invitation, a registration code is not required to complete your self-registration.

Workflow #2: Self Registration with a Registration Code

  1. Open your browser window on your phone, computer or tablet and go to
  2. Create an account with your username and password or sign in using a Google account (if you have one)
  3. Confirm your agreement with Thrive's Privacy Notice and Terms of Use
  4. You will be prompted to enter the registration code the organization has provided to you via email
  5. Complete your profile
  6. You are now an individual who is associated with your organization
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