How to report a Self-Administered COVID-19 Rapid Screening Test

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This article is intended for end users who are associated with their place of work or school on the Thrive Health platform.


Please follow the steps below to have a successful upload of your Rapid Screening test result:

1. Complete your Self-Administered COVID-19 Rapid Screening Test and take a clear photo of your test result.

Note: some testing kits will not display the results of your test indefinitely, so it is best to take this photo immediately after receiving your results.

2. Using your Thrive Health credentials, log in to

Note: Your account must be linked to your organization on the Thrive Health platform prior to completing this step. For more information on how to link your account, via email invitation or Registration Code, please see this article: How to join Thrive Health.

3. Go to the COVID-19 Health Centre on your homepage.


4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Add a test result to begin the reporting process.


5. If prompted, select the Self-administered Rapid Screening test option.

Note: if you have multiple organizations associated with your profile, you will need to specify which organization you are taking the test for. Likewise, if you have a family account, you will need to specify the individual that the test is for.

6. Fill out the details for your Self-Administered Rapid Screening test. Be sure to enter the test kit lot number correctly, and add the location from the dropdown menu.


Note: Please enter the location that best matches your place of work/school/organization, or where your test was administered. Please note that you can search by typing the name in the search bar, as pictured above if your organization has an extensive list of locations.

7. Upload the photo of your test result. See the following tips to ensure a successful photo upload:

  • We recommend using JPG or PNG files. HEIC files are not accepted. To make sure that your Apple device is not shooting in HEIC, please select “Most Compatible” instead of “High Efficiency” in the camera's format settings of your device settings.
  • The photo shouldn't exceed 50 MB, and the name of the file should only contain letters and numbers. 
  • We recommend uploading the picture from your gallery rather than taking a live picture.

8. Click Submit to complete the reporting process.

9. You should see a confirmation page verifying that your results have been received. To view your test results history, return to the COVID-19 Health Centre and they will be listed under COVID-19 tests.

Note: You can also enter a Self-Administered COVID-19 Rapid Screening Test by selecting your school/organization task card in the Care Network tab, and selecting "Add a test result".

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