Sending Surveys

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This article is intended for administrators of the Thrive Health platform.

Surveys are an effective way for organizations to gather anonymous program feedback. Multiple organizations leverage satisfaction surveys which are crucial for gathering feedback and enhancing their healthcare programs.

Thrive Health offers a few methods to send surveys and collect this feedback:

Adding a Task

Overview: Use the Patient Action Items menu to assign surveys directly to patients on the platform.


  • Go to the patient row and click on the 3 dots to go to Patient Action Items.
  • Select ‘Add Task’ to assign the survey.
  • Patients will receive an email highlighting that they have a new task assigned to them. They can directly log in to their Thrive Health account using the email to view and complete the survey.

Benefits: This method ensures that the survey reaches the intended patients who are already engaged with the platform. The administrator does not need to enter any patient information.

Sending a link

Overview: Distribute the survey through a direct link via email or other communication channels.


  • Click on your name in the top right corner.
  • Choose ‘Organization Settings’ and navigate to the ‘Surveys’ tab.
  • Click on the 3 dot menu beside the relevant survey.
  • Copy the URL and send the link to their patients via email or their preferred communication channel.

Benefits: Enhances patient engagement and ensures timely feedback. Ideal for reaching a broader audience.

Implementing a Journey

Overview: Create a unique journey specifically for this survey. This method allows the survey to be sent through the platform to patients who are not part of any other journeys.


  • On the Worklist, click on the 'Invite to Journey' button.
  • Select the specific survey journey from the list.
  • Enter the required patient information and click 'Send' to distribute the survey.

Benefits: This approach allows for targeting a specific patient group, irrespective of their involvement in other journeys. It also allows administrators to sort their dashboards according to this specific journey.

Note: Surveys are anonymous such that the responses are not linked to a patient ID, and administrators cannot see who has completed the survey. However, the questions can ask for patient information such as name or contact information if needed.

How to see the survey results

To view the aggregated survey results:

  • Click on your name in the top right corner.
  • Choose ‘Organization Settings’
  • Navigate to the ‘Surveys’ tab.
  • Click on the three dots beside the relevant survey.
  • Select ’Overview.'

The displayed results can also be downloaded in a CSV format by clicking on the Export button.

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