The reminder emails that you receive from are determined by the Organization or Doctor's Office you are affiliated with.

For more information, or if you wish to stop receiving reminder emails, please refer to the appropriate section below.


Please reach out to your Organization Administrator directly to let them know that you no longer want to participate and receive reminder emails to join the organization. They will be able to cancel your invitation to join Thrive Health.

Doctor's office

1. Reminder emails to complete your questionnaire

If you are getting email reminders to complete a questionnaire, please log into your account at with your email address and password that you created. Any open tasks are shown on your account home page, which will need to be completed to stop receiving reminder emails. 

Note: for more information on how to correctly fill out a questionnaire, refer to this article: ____.

If you are not planning on filling out a questionnaire for your doctor through our platform, please call your doctor’s office directly. They will cancel their request to join our platform and provide additional information on how to proceed.

2. Reminder emails about your appointment

If you have already had your appointment with your clinician and are still receiving reminder emails, please contact your doctors’ office directly. The phone number can be found in your invite and reminder email. They will provide guidance accordingly. 

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