Reminder Emails

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This article is intended for users of the Thrive Health platform

Emails to join Thrive Health are sent by the organization or doctor's office you are affiliated with. Reminder emails are automatically sent by the system if you have pending tasks in your account that need attention.

If you are receiving reminders to complete a questionnaire, please log into your Thrive Health account. You can view your assigned tasks on your Home page. Please note all tasks must be completed for the reminder emails to stop. 

Note: For more information on how to correctly fill out your questionnaire, refer to this article: Submitting a Questionnaire.

To fill out the questionnaire for your doctor via an alternative method, please call your doctor’s office directly. They will cancel their request to join Thrive Health and provide additional information on how to proceed.

If you have already had your appointment with your clinician and are still receiving reminder emails, please reach out to your doctor’s office to receive further guidance. Their phone number can be found in your invite and reminder email.

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