COVID-19 Self-Assessment

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This article is intended for end users who are associated with a place of work or school on the Thrive Health platform.


The COVID-19 risk status uses a colour code (either Green or Red) to represent the risk level you pose to others based on your response to questions on symptoms, travelling, and contact with others.

To complete your COVID-19 Self-Assessment, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your account on

2. From the homepage of your account, click the Complete your COVID-19 Self-Assessment task card. 

3. You will be guided through the standardized COVID-19 questionnaire.

4. Click Submit after answering all the questions to receive a Red or Green status.

Green Status: based on your answers, you do not report symptoms or exposure to Covid-19. 

Red Status: based on your answers, you may have symptoms of Covid-19 or you may have been exposed to COVID-19. For more information, go to the Health Canada Provincial and territorial resources for the COVID-19 webpage.

Note: depending on your organization's configuration, you may not be able to book a rapid screening appointment until your symptoms resolve or you no longer have risk factors for exposure.

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