Adding Family Members to Your Account

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This article is intended for end users who are associated with their place of work or school on the Thrive Health platform.


By following these steps, you can add multiple profiles onto one Thrive Health account for easy access to your family's information.

You either can add a family member who will not associated with an organization (Workflow #1), or a family member who will be associated with an organization (Workflow #2).

Workflow #1: Adding a Family Member who will not be associated with an organization

In this workflow, your family member will not be submitting test results or any other information to an organization. 

1. From your homepage, click on the icon with your initials in the top right corner. Next, select Manage Profiles.


2. Select + Add a family member and enter their personal information. 


3. Once you click Confirm, your family member's profile will be added to your account. 

Workflow #2: Adding a Family Member who will be associated with an organization

In this workflow, your family member will be submitting test results and other information to an organization. First, your family member will need to request a Registration Code from their Organization Administrator. Once this is complete, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your existent account on and navigate to the Care Network tab. Select Register with an organization. 


2. In the empty field, enter your family member's Registration Code and click Confirm.


2. Next, select + Create a new profile.


3. Enter your family member's information. 

Note: The Primary Contact Email cannot be edited, as both profiles need to be connected to the same email address.

4. Next, enter and confirm your own information, and then specify your family member's relationship to you on the following screen.

Note: the family relationship between the profiles is not important to the operation of your account. If you accidentally select the wrong option, it is not necessary to change it. 

5. Once this information is complete, you can either Register another profile and add another family member, or Finish registration and continue on to use the Thrive Health platform.

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