Adding a PCR Covid-19 Test Result

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This article is intended for end users who are associated with their place of work or school on the Thrive Health platform.


If you received a presumptive positive COVID-19 Rapid Screening test, you will be directed to take a PCR COVID-19 test to confirm your positive or negative COVID-19 status.

Follow the steps below to upload your PCR test results to your account on

Note: until a PCR test is recorded, you may be locked out of engaging with your organization to book follow-up appointments.

1. Click on the COVID-19 Health Centre task card on your home page.

2. Select Add a test result at the bottom of the page, and choose PCR test.

3. You will be asked to enter the date that the test was administered, the postal code, and if the result was Positive, Negative, or Inconclusive.



4. Select Save, and review your information before clicking Submit and Confirm.

5. You will get a message that your submission was successful. 


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