COVID-19 Rapid Screening Test Results

Viewing Your COVID-19 Rapid Screening Test Results

You can access your COVID-19 rapid screening test results in your account. Log in through and click on the COVID-19 Health Centre task card. Under Test Results, you can view the result of your recent COVID-19 rapid screening test.

You can also add details from a diagnostic PCR test by clicking Add a Test Result in your account.

To learn how to add a PCR test to your account, click here.

Note: you may receive a rapid screening test result without an account created. In some cases, the email invitation to join Thrive Health and test results email may clump together in your inbox. If you do not want to create an account with Thrive Health, contact the organization administrator to gain access to your test results.

Receiving a Positive COVID-19 Rapid Screening Test Result

If you received a presumptive positive on a COVID-19 Rapid Screening Test result you will be instructed to get a PCR test. Once you receive a result from the PCR test, you will need to log in at, navigate to the COVID-19 Health Centre in your account and manually enter your PCR test result into the system.


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