Creating an Account via Email Invitation

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This article aims to provide assistance to users on the Thrive Health platform

There are two ways to create an account with Thrive Health: 

  1. Via an Email Invitation; or 
  2. Via a Registration Code 

Please follow this article if you have been invited to join Thrive Health via a Registration Code.

Registration via Email Invitation

Note: Thrive Health recognizes the unique needs of each clinic by providing different user experiences. Refer to your email invitation for verification before following these instructions. Check below the blue Get Started button to find the confirmation of your invitation’s connection to either or Your user experience will be determined by the URL link. Once you have identified the appropriate URL, please follow the related guidelines below to proceed accordingly.
  1. Your referring organization will send you an email invitation from
  2. To register, click on the Get Started button, or copy and paste the URL into your web browser
  3. You will be directed to either or
  4. You may choose from the three (3) available ways to connect yourself with the organization:
    • Create a New Account: After clicking this option, your email address will be auto-filled from the invitation. Create a password to complete the account registration.
    • Sign Up with Google: You can select Sign up with Google if your email is a Google account. No password creation is required with this step. Please note that you will always have to login with your Google credentials going forward.
    • Log In: If you already have a Thrive Health account, you can select Already have an account? Log In. This will connect your current Thrive Health account with the referring organization.
  5. Select your Preferred Language
  6. Confirm your agreement with Thrive's Privacy Notice and Terms of Use
  7. Verify your Identity and complete your profile
  8. You are now connected to the organization and can complete assigned tasks on your homepage
Note: The identity verification field is determined by the organization. If you receive an error when trying to verify your identity, reach out to your organization/clinic directly to verify the information.

Note: Currently, there is no mobile app for the platform available.


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