Adding Multiple Roles to a Thrive Profile

The Organization Administrator can add themselves as a Rapid Screening Coordinator and switch context between these roles to navigate throughout the platform. 

Adding the Rapid Screening Coordinator Role

1. Log in to the administrators portal at Click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select Organization Settings.

2. Select Administrators from the menu bar and click Add Administrator

3. Add yourself as a new administrator and select the role Rapid Screening Coordinator


4. Ensure you use the same email address that you registered with as an Organization Administrator

5. Log out of your Thrive Health account

6. Go to your email and click the blue Get Started button to verify your account. When taken to the login page, be sure to select Already have an account? Log in. 

Switching Between Roles

After you have registered both roles with the Thrive Health platform, you can now switch context between them. To switch context, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select Change Context. In this example, the organization administrator's name is RSS Administrator


You will now have the option to switch between Organization Administrator or Rapid Screening coordinator:


Please note, for the best experience when switching between roles do so from the organization dashboard. If you switch context when viewing content only accessible by an organization administrator you may encounter an error. The reason for this error is because this context is restricted for rapid screening coordinators. 

In the event you receive a message that says Access Denied, all you need to do is select Dismiss and the platform will refresh to the appropriate content available to that particular administrator role. 


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